The Lollipop Lyra, an innovative, elegant, and visually striking variation of the traditional aerial hoop, offers a unique blend of acrobatics, dance, and circus artistry, all performed on a specially designed apparatus that combines the Lyra (aerial hoop) with a vertical pole.

Our Lollipop Lyra performances are an amazing addition to any event, captivating audiences with a combination of aerial maneuvers, pole artistry, and graceful acrobatics. The unique shape of the Lollipop Lyra allows our performers to explore a wide range of movements, from elegant spins and fluid dances to breathtaking aerial feats, all while suspended in the air.

The Lollipop Lyra is an ideal choice for adding an aerial element to your event without the need for extensive rigging or large floor space. Its compact footprint makes it perfect for events in more constrained settings, allowing your guests to experience the magic of aerial performance even in limited spaces.

Lollipop Photo Gallery