Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers always bring your event to a whole new level! Our stilt walkers capture the attention of everyone around and are always a huge hit. With varying costumes available, they are a versatile addition to any event from birthday parties to corporate ballrooms. Stilt walkers make amazing greeters and can even bring life and excitement to the dance floor! Our stilt walkers can accommodate whatever your event entails!

Acrobatic Mimes

Acrobatic mimes are a unique addition to any event. They can do a large variety of entertainment ranging from classic mime acts like Stuck in a box* to hand balancing tricks and backflips! Add an extra WOW to your event by bringing on the acrobatic Mime!

Interactive Mime

Mimes are fun and lively performers who are personable and able to engage a crowd. Our Mimes always bring excitement and mystery to guests at an event! They are high energy and bring constant smiles and laughter to guests of all ages.


Awe your guests with our amazing acrobats. Our acrobats can come to your event with a specialized floor where they will perform flips and tricks guaranteed to wow your guests of all ages.

Partner Acrobats

Partner acrobats are masters of trust in one another. They astound crowds with their ability to balance one another and flip in a variety of poses requiring both strength and poise. Crowds will be amazed and mystified as they watch these acrobats perform at your next event.

Hoop Artists

Hoop performers are high energy and extremely exciting performers. They always bring your event to a new level. Hoopers can also employ LED hoops for an amazing night life boost. Jazz up your dance floor or wow your guests with our amazing Hula Hoopers!


Breakthrough Entertainment has the privilege to partner with some of the most skilled break dancers of all time. With years of experience in both corporate and stage dancing, our break dancers really bring the heat to your event! Kick your party off or boost the energy level at any time during your event by having out bboys come out and rock the house!


Aerialists are one of the most elegant and exciting performances that you can bring to your event. With elaborate costumes, 20 ft high adjustable portable rig, or lollipop stage, we can bring this amazing act right to your event. Our 20 ft aerial rig can be enhanced with an amazing LED upgrade. Ask us how we can customize your aerial experience!

Aerial Bartender

Our Aerial Bartenders are TABC certified and are an amazing addition to your adult party. Ask us how we can customize your party.


Mermaids are an amazing and exciting addition to any event! Many of our mermaids have backgrounds in synchronized swimming with years of experience in the water! They are a huge hit at corporate events and children’s parties alike. Don’t have a pool? No problem! The mermaids can be “Beach Mermaids” at your event as well! Bring your event to a new level with the mystery and beauty of exotic mermaids!


Our jugglers are high energy performers that bring excitement and wonder to your event! They come complete with a variety of different props to perform the art of circus juggling. Our performers can stroll through your event or be stationary to perform acts.

Fire Dancers

Our fire dancers can provide an electrifying addition to your event. We have the privilege of partnering with a variety of fire dancers that provide many types of circus fire acts and ambiance such as fire knives, fire batons, fire fans, fire hoops, and more. Our fire performers always come with a fire safety and can provide proof of liability insurance upon request.


The classic circus Act of Contortion dates back thousands of years. Contortion is a captivating and exciting addition to all types of events. Hire our contortionists to perform on stage, act as ambiance, or even inside a bubble!

Belly Dancers

Belly dancing in an ancient art of dance that dates back for centuries. This performance requires countless hours of practice to perfect the art of dance. Our performers can dance solo or in a group! Belly dancing is a fabulous addition to almost any event that will be sure to intrigue and amaze your guests.


Our greeters can bring prestige and poise to your event. Greeters can be customized and are guaranteed to bring a smile and happiness to you guests as they arrive. Greeters can also double as living statues for dinner time or hand out drinks to your guests. Greeters love to smile and have a charismatic attitude. Ask us how we can customize your next event.

LED Performer

Many of our already amazing circus acts such as Circus Hoop, Juggler, and Stilt Walkers can be enhanced with our new LED costumes. Many of these costumes can be customized to your event color or theme. Ask us how we can enhance or provide an inspiring LED performance at your next party or event!